Southwest School of Art

Portable Podcasting Studio







In 2010, Southwest School of Art (SSA) created the Visiting Artists Journal through a pilot program funded by MIDEA. The purpose of the journal is to document the visits (and teaching moments) of several esteemed national and international artists and then distribute the content through a variety of online and social media spaces. From the experience of building the Visiting Artists Journal, they were surprised to learn that podcasting was an excellent method for any SSA staff member to capture and edit Visiting Artist talks and interviews quickly. The resulting podcasts were easily edited and released for public consumption within just a few days of the event. The 2011 equipment grant will enable the creation a mobile podcasting studio with a simple interface which will allow them to further expand podcasting production efforts, encouraging a wider variety of staff to produce content for podcasts. SSA will purchase an iPad and an Apple iPad camera adapter kit connected to a studio quality USB microphone. Doing so will create a portable podcasting tool that produces professional sounding results. Having this equipment will mean that more meaningful conversations with successful working artists are captured for wider distribution.