AMOA-Arthouse: Jones Center location

Art Sessions

Arthouse at the Jones Center’s 2011 minigrant project involves the continuation and completion of their video archive project, Art Sessions. Art Sessions is a web-based video archive project in which exhibiting artists are interviewed about their process, artwork, and ideas. These video interviews allow exhibiting artists to speak about their work and give context to viewers both in the gallery and beyond. Additionally, Arthouse has an archive of lectures from the popular Arthouse Visiting Lecturer Series that will be edited and uploaded to the web. For this project,  a video editor polished existing Art Sessions video content and lectures from the Visiting Lecturer Series, as well as new interviews with artists featured in 2011 Arthouse exhibitions. All of the videos were edited and uploaded to Arthouse’s website ( and a variety of social media platforms, reaching an audience without regards to geographic restrictions.

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