Art Museum of South Texas

Expanding the ArtCade Interactive Center and Literacy Corner







The Art Museum of South Texas (AMST) used MIDEA support to augment and expand the digital learning stations in the museum’s youth art education space known as ArtCade Interactive Center and Literacy Corner. The interactive learning experience in the ArtCade is designed to encourage the artist in all children and give the families of South Texas a rich cultural learning experience in a family-friendly environment. The physical interactive ArtCade space, as well as programs such as Moms and Tots, Kid’s Club, and Young Artists Workshops housed within, offers children, ages 2-16, a reading center, computer stations, drawing, painting and architecture programs, artkits, performance space and a puppet theater. Professional art educators conduct the programs. The learning stations in the ArtCade provide art education, literacy, and technological skill-building through the presentation of computer software generated art instruction. The ArtCade, located within the Museum, provides children the opportunity to explore their world and culture while having a fun art experience. The computer stations located in the ArtCade will be equipped with the latest art and art education software including the Crayola Art Studio, Jump Start Artist, Making More Music, the Great Museums series, the Wii UDraw Studio, and dance games.