AMOA-Arthouse: Laguna Gloria location

AMOA Educational Media

The Austin Museum of Art (AMOA)’s 2011 minigrant project has furthered AMOA’s educational strategic vision, creating continuous relevant online material as it relates to the visitor experience. The digital equipment provided by this grant built a vital platform for developing and presenting artist demos, podcasts, gallery audio-guides, family activities, and more. Previously, AMOA’s existing educational pachyderm projects was located on a secondary website. This grant allowed AMOA to centrally locate all of their interactive media on their primary website. With easier access to interactive media, visitors may quickly and easily find what they are looking for, resulting in a richer online museum experience.

AMOA created two interactive activities on the AMOA Educational Media web page, accessible through their main website, One of these is an online component of their educational family gallery, the FamilyLab.  For the other, they recorded and post a series of artist talks related to our upcoming exhibition, New Art in Austin: 15 to Watch (NAA). They will continue to add content beyond the grant period, including past artist talks from their archives.

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