Ballet Austin


Ballet Austin’s production of Hamlet was performed at the Long Center for the Performing Arts in February of 2009. Stephen Mills modernizes Shakespeare’s story of love and revenge in this evocative ballet interpretation. Set to Philip Glass’ poignant music, with Armani-inspired costumes, and an innovatively futuristic set, Hamlet is a gripping balletic portrayal of suspenseful and tragic human struggles. This critically-acclaimed production has a strong brand at both local and national levels. Hamlet has been licensed and presented by five other dance companies in the United States. The multimedia presentation produced in conjunction with Hamlet focuses on key elements of the creative and technical processes including design, choreography, and musical considerations, as well as interpretive guidance. Each of these components is explored from both a production-specific and historical perspective featuring audio interviews with project contributors and video footage from rehearsals and performances. Interpretive interviews and comments from critics and audience members are also included.

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