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Dord Fitz: The Broadcast Is Always On

Dord Fitz: The Broadcast Is Always On from the Amarillo Museum of Art

Over the course of his lifetime, Dord Fitz cultivated longstanding relationships with many of today’s masters of modernism, particularly those of the New York School. Fitz brought many of his artist friends to Amarillo, including Elaine de Kooning, Louise Nevelson, Alex Katz, Leon Polk Smith, Hedda Sterne, and Jeanne Reynal. Mr. Fitz, a painter, art dealer and gallery owner in the 1950s, shared his energy and passion for the arts and believed anyone could develop a deep and thoughtful appreciation of the arts through proper guidance and inspiration.

Fitz founded and organized the Area Arts Foundation (AAF), a group of progressive thinkers located in the Texas Panhandle who collected, studied and celebrated American Modern Art. The AAF funded seminars and workshops about the arts, in addition to purchasing significant works of art. In 1988, the AAF placed its art collection on permanent loan to the Amarillo Museum of Art.

The interactive website, Dord Fitz: The Broadcast Is Always On, gives viewers a glimpse of Mr. Fitz’s life as a teacher, painter, and visionary, as well as a rarely seen look Mr. Fitz’s own art, on display in the Amarillo Museum of Art.

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