Amarillo Museum of Art

American Modern Art

The Amarillo Museum of Art’s extensive American Modern Art collection, with strong representation of the New York School, is the focus of their latest piece. The collection includes works by Louise Nevelson, Elaine de Kooning, Franz Kline, Helen Frankenthaler, Leon Polk Smith and many others. The project includes images and video clips on Modernist works from the Amarillo Museum of Art collection, documentary footage on Dord Fitz, and interviews with mid-century American Modernist scholars such as Dr. Daniel Seidell. These interviews contextualize the American works from their collection and celebrate the relationship developed by Dord Fitz between the New York School and the Texas Panhandle. Since the 1950s, this is the first historical documentation of this relationship and the impact it had in the Texas Panhandle.

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