Artpace San Antonio

Adding Rich Media to the Artpace Website

Artpace converted their website to a WordPress format that will provide additional functionality to their institution’s artists, guest curators, staff, and educational programs.  The new website will allow Artpace to add video, audio, and other rich media produced in relation to their resident artists to their website. Envisioned as an extension of the creative laboratory at the core of the Artpace mission, Artpace will maximize the organization’s existing strengths by encouraging a new and existing level of audience engagement; allow for development of personal relationships with past and future artists, curators and staff; and all Artpace to embed videos archives which will become an important element in the future.  For the current minigrant period, they added 12 videos from the 10.3 artists to their new website as a pilot.

View the three artists from their 10.3 residency program, Henning Bohl, Roy McMakin, and Adam Schreiber on the Artpace website.

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