Tyler Museum of Art

Texas in My Soul: A.C. Cook and the Hock Shop Collection

The Tyler Museum of Art (TMA) chose for its 2008-2009 project an exploration of early Texas art, focusing specifically on A.C. “Ace” Cook and the Hock Shop collection. This outstanding collection of early Texas art was formed by collector Ace Cook of Fort Worth, Texas, beginning nearly twenty years ago after his chance discovery of Frances Battaile Fisk’s 1928 book A History of Texas Artists and Sculptors. From that point on, Ace Cook studied and researched Texas history, art, and artists. He met with as many surviving artists as possible, and with descendents when the artists were deceased. The documentary-style works reflect the surroundings of the artists who called Texas home. The Tyler Museum of Art has chosen this topic not only to further knowledge of early Texas art and artists, a subject of particular interest to the Tyler Museum of Art, but also to preserve the story of Ace Cook.

Project URL: http://tylermuseum.org/multimedia/Cook_HockShop/index.html