Ellen Noel Art Museum

A Different Kind of Art

ENAM is proud to be the home of a unique sculpture and sensory garden designed specifically for visually challenged visitors, but enjoyed by all. Plans for the Ellen Noël Art Museum Sculpture and Sensory Garden started in 1997, developing into a collaborative effort with the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services: Blind Division and the Permian Basin Master Gardeners. Learn about the different sculptures as well as the flora and fauna that thrives in the garden. Part two of the project, A Unique Experience for All describes the museum’s sculpture and sensory garden. This presentation presents one of the sculptures in the garden as perceived by visitors with visual impairments, elucidating the experience of such visitors for the general public. The piece also describes myriad uses for and events that occur in the garden, as it is not only for visually impaired visitors, but is indeed a Unique Experience for All!

Project URL: http://www.noelartmuseum.org/pachyderm/sensorygarden/index.html