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The Met 3D Hackathon: Practical Lessons for Your Institution

In June of 2012, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in cooperation with MakerBot Industries, invited 30 digital artists into the museum to photograph collection sculptures, turn those images into digital 3D models, make new works based on those models, and print them on MakerBot’s 3D printers.

Since that event, 3D printing and related technology has exploded across the covers of major magazine, made an appearance in President Obama’s State of the Union, and been hailed as “The Next Industrial Revolution.” In this webinar we’re going to use the Hackathon as a springboard for considering practical possibilities in your own institution for taking advantage of some exciting trends. We’ll learn about inexpensive software and hardware that opens up new possibilities for engagement with art lovers of all ages and abilities. More importantly, we’ll discuss the DIY spirit of cooperation and creativity that made 30 artists spend 20 hours in two days pent up together in a room, paid only with food and the recognition of their peers.

Should we tap into that spirit to breathe new life into our museum? Are Makers and Hackers just a niche demographic, digital barbarians whose demand for access taxes our overburdened infrastructure? Or is it our responsibility to recognize them as the vanguard of the museum of the future, and work with them to build communities of experimentation and exploration around our collection? Attend this webinar to obtain 100% definitive answers to all these questions and more!

About Don Undeen

Don Undeen, Manager of the Media Lab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is interested in the intersection of technology, community and the institution. As technology continues to open the world of creative production to a broader spectrum of society, it’s important for art museums to open their doors to new kinds of participation and engagement with their collections.

If you missed this session, please see the archive and resources below:

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