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Printing and Re-mixing the Museum in 3D


Printing and Re-mixing the Museum in 3D

What is 3D printing and what does it mean for the museum? This webinar is designed to introduce beginners to the concept of 3D printing by defining the basic vocabulary surrounding this emerging technology. We’ll discuss the multitudes of opportunities for 3D scanning and printing, especially in education and collections access showing examples from programs at the Art Institute of Chicago. We’ll consider how 3D can be used to build closer relationships with our audiences by engaging the senses and re-mixing the collection to creatively explore the artworks in new ways.

About Liz Neely

Liz Neely is the Director of Digital Information and Access at the Art Institute of Chicago. Working with museum departments and leading technical developer teams, many of her efforts center on developing innovative means to deliver exhibition and collection information to museum audiences. She has served in a leading role for the ongoing Art Institute’s Online Scholarly Catalogue project as well as for an iPad-based authoring tool intended to create and deliver media-rich content into the museum’s galleries. Recently, she has been particularly interested in experimenting with 3D integration into the museum.

Liz serves on the board of the Museum Computer Network (MCN), co-chairs the 2012 MCN conference program, and moderates the Museum Digital Publishing Bliki. You can find her sharing museum, technology, publishing, and digital humanities references on twitter at @lili_czarina.


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