a midea event

iPads Revisited

Please join the Marcus Institute for Digital Education in the Arts for the third MIDEA workshop to be held December 5-6 in Austin, Texas.

This workshop will be presented at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, as we discuss current iPad initiatives in museums, and explore new applications with experts. Registration is free to MIDEA members and the information you take back with you to your museum will be invaluable.


Many MIDEA members have been experimenting with tablets over the past year as an educational tool in their galleries with docents, by creating or utilizing existing art apps, and by engaging museum visitors with the touch screen technology.  The power of the tablet to engage and educate audiences is one of the driving factors behind the many educational institutions implementing programs that feature mobile devices.  Now that we have purchased the tools and attempted a pilot project, what’s next?  What have we learned from our initial iPad projects? Do we have new avenues for exploration with this powerful and versatile tool? These and more questions will be answered during the workshop.

If you missed this session, please see the archive and resources below: