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Info Viz from the Trenches

Info Viz from the Trenches
Beck Tench is on a quest to convince all knowledge workers (museum professionals, journalists, teachers, physicians, etc.) that information visualization is a new core competency of our work.  She will discuss grassroots information visualization and share the insights she’s gained from creating both good and very bad visualizations.  In her presentation, Beck will approach data broadly, assessing how and when to use words, sketches, tables, graphics and computational programs to communicate the story they tell.

About Beck
Beck Tench is a simplifier, illustrator, story teller and technologist. Formally trained as a graphics designer at the University of North Carolina’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, she has spent her career elbow deep in web work of all sorts – from the knowledge work of information architecture and design to the hands dirty work of writing code and testing user experiences. Currently, she serves as Director for Innovation and Digital Engagement at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC where she studies and experiments with how visitors and staff use technology to plan, enhance and share their everyday lives.

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