MIDEA Member K12 Teacher Additional Resources

Curriki: Selected lessons

Digital Image Manipulation in the Mass Media


This collection of resources explores the use of digital image editing software in the mass media.

Copyright and Open Content: What do you know?


This is a lesson plan on copyright and open licensed resources that students can use legally in their own work.

Travels with Music: Southeast Asia


These video clips are from the program Travels with Music Series One, which is available online at www.travelswithmusic.org.

Worksheet: Medieval vs. Renaissance Art


This worksheet and accompanying slideshow is for students to compare Medieval and Renaissance art.

The Sketchup


This lesson is for students to communicate their design ideas using a tool like Sketchup.

Video Writing Prompts


This is a collection of videos and related writing prompts for K-12 levels.

The Art and Science of Light and Color

Students will develop an understanding of light and color, and how it allows our sense of vision to be remarkably useful.

Edo Japan: Inquiry Challenge


This is an inquiry challenge that can be introduced to students who are studying the Edo period of Japan (1603 – 1867).

Absurd Digital Collage


This is an introductory digital image editing project in which students will create an absurdist collage from images they find online.


Album Quilt


These lessons explore the history of handmade quilts, valued household items in 18th- and 19th-century America, providing both warmth and beauty.

Animals in Art


These lessons explore animals in art and why animals have been subjects in the work of many artists throughout history.

The Artist’s Toolkit: The Elements and Principles


This interactive site allows students to explore the tools that artists use- like line, color, and balance- to build their own works of art.

So why is this art?


This resource guide is designed to lead students in grades 6–12 and their teachers in thoughtful, open-ended explorations of the nature of art.

Musical Storytelling


This curriculum looks at the ancient art of oral storytelling through the lens of contemporary music.



This video takes students on a virtual field trip to New York City to learn about the history of gargoyles at New York City College.

Performing Arts in Art Curriculum


The Performing Arts in Art Curriculum explores works of art that depict subjects related to music, storytelling, dance, and theater.