Alex’s Art Picks — February MIDEA Member Edition

MIDEA’s Director, Alex Freeman, has the scoop on the most innovative happenings in the museum world right now. Check out this MIDEA Member Edition of Alex’s Art Picks:

Photo Credit: Art Museum of Southeast Texas

iPadography Lets the Animals Out

The Art Museum of Southeast Texas is showing middle school-aged students how to create a funky new type of portraiture using their new iPads. Led by the artist Michelle Cate, the museum’s Gift of Art students extended the artistic potential of tablets during back-to-back Saturday workshops.  Inspired by the artist’s work with iPhone photography, students learned how to create what the artist refers to as iPadographs, portraits using the app Hipstamatic to create evocative double exposures. The guiding theme was to unleash one’s inner animal and included imagery such as zebras, lions, and elephants layered over the students’ faces.

Pulling Back the Curtain of Time

The recent deployment of iPads at the Blanton Museum of Art now offers visitors the opportunity to take a deeper dive into art history. In the museum’s Susman Gallery, guests get to hear contemporary artists speaking on behalf of their own work; the European gallery iPad explores various genres of paintings and makes connections between collections; and the Battle Casts of the Schweitzer Gallery are re-animated through recorded readings of ancient and historical texts by University of Texas Classics professors. Virtual visitors can benefit as well by accessing interactive PDFs on the museum’s blog.


Planning for the Future in West Texas

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts (SAMFA) Director Howard Taylor has a big vision for the city on the banks of the Concho River, and the museum is at the center of it. For FUTURE LAB, the sixth installment of the museum’s Visions and Choices series, SAMFA developed an evolving crowdsourced exhibition/laboratory that displayed the local community’s vision for improving and beautifying San Angelo. Accompanying the exhibit was a Collectors Society-sponsored Lecture Series that included Peter Bishop, Director of the Graduate program in Foresight at the University of Houston; Ford Bell, President of the American Alliance of Museums; and Roy Mann, Principal at The Rivers Studio.


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