Alex’s Art Picks – NMC Horizon Report Preview Edition

MIDEA’s Associate Director, Alex Freeman, has the scoop on the most innovative happenings in the museum world right now. The NMC Horizon Report > 2013 Museum Edition is off to the printers and will be officially released at the Museum Computer Network Conference in Montreal, Canada in late November. Check out this NMC Horizon Report Preview edition of Alex’s Art Picks:

Sure! You Can Take a Picture of That

As we noted in this year’s report, the BYOD or bring your own device movement has been changing the way staff and visitors access and share information inside museums. A lot of recent press clippings acknowledge BYOD’s placement in the near term horizon as museums, like the Museum of Modern Art’s PS1, begin relaxing their no photography policies and allowing visitors to snap photos with their mobile devices.

SFMOMA’s Rauschenberg Research Project Takes OSCI to the Web

The Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative (OSCI) is now in its implementation stage and we are seeing some creative uses of this new electronic publishing platform and tool kit. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is closed until 2016 for renovations, but they are still engaging their audience via the web through the publication of its first online collection catalogue featuring the artist Robert Rauschenberg.

Digital Preservation at a Monumental Scale

Preservation and Conservation Technologies appear on the far term horizon, but the caring for cultural heritage using emerging technology has already begun. The Nonprofit CyArk is using 3D laser scanners to make detailed topographic maps of some of the world’s most famous landmarks. With precision of up to a millimeter, these models can preserve the current state of these monuments against the changes caused by war, climate-change, environmental wear, and more.


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