Alex’s Art Picks – NMC Horizon Report Short List Edition

MIDEA’s Associate Director, Alex Freeman, has the scoop on the most innovative happenings in the museum world right now. Check out this NMC Horizon Report Short List > 2013 Museum Edition of Alex’s Art Picks:


Roll Up Your Sleeves for an Augmented Reality Sand Box

Augmented reality is an emerging technology that has made all three Horizon Report Museum Edition short lists and this is probably the coolest example that I’ve seen. Coming soon to a museum near you are augmented reality sandboxes! UC Davis has developed a self-guided exhibition showing how elevation and contour lines work. As the viewer manipulates the sand, a Microsoft Kinect recognizes the contours and that data feeds a computer that projects different colors on the surface making it appear as a topographical map.



Want a Van Gogh in Your Living Room? Then 3D print it!

Shopping for you favorite artwork reproduction might have entailed sorting through bins in a museum gift store or ordering from a poster house online. Now with the advancement in 3D printing technology, a topic on the 2-3 year adoption horizon, you can print your own artwork with picture frame and all! Fujifilm has invented a process called Reliefography and is currently offering a limited edition of 3D printed artworks from the Van Gogh Museum for a mere $34,000.

Transforming the Smithsonian’s Collection with Emerging Technology

The Smithsonian Museum’s Secretary G. Wayne Clough’s recent e-book Best of Both Worlds: Museums, Libraries, and Archives in a Digital Age touches on several topics featured in this year’s Museum Report short list including electronic publication, crowdsourcing, 3D printing, digital preservation, and open content.  This interview covers how Clough envisions using each of these tools and processes to help digitally transform the museums’ holdings of over 14 million objects.


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