Alex’s Art Picks – Back to School Edition

MIDEA’s Associate Director, Alex Freeman, has the scoop on the most innovative happenings in the museum world right now. Check out this back-to-school edition of Alex’s Art Picks:


A Virtual Palette at Your Fingerprints
Josef Albers was an important German-born American artist whose lessons on color theory formed the basis of many art classes today. Marking the 50th Anniversary of his seminal publication Interaction of Color (1963), Yale University Press has revised the book and made into an iPad mobile app. Students and artists can now refine their color choices without needing to open a tube of paint – score one for technology!



The Getty is Now Open for Your Use!
Need some help packing a visual punch to your report on Van Gogh? The Getty’s recently announced Open Content Program provides artists, researchers, and students access to around 4,600 high-resolution images to use, modify, and publish for any purpose. The Getty joins the Walters ArtMuseum, the National Gallery of Art, Yale University, the LosAngeles County Museum of Art, and Harvard University in providing open access to collections and research.


Photo: -resources/article_24e862c2-f5b7-11e2-8a56-0019bb2963f4.html

Mission-Based Learning Uses Technology to Connect Schools and Museums
For you teachers out there looking to beef up your lesson plans with some real world content, why not try out a museum for inspiration? Check out this post on mission-based learning (MBL). MBL consists of “relevant, meaningful challenges created by teachers for students to solve.” This type of learning connects curricula, museum resources, and digital technology tools to create more engaging projects. Check out our art museum education content on this site to get you started with statewide resources.


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