My half hour

There has been little in the way of “me” time at my house in the past few months.  Since December, however, I have been grabbing a quiet half hour–usually either in the very early morning or late in the evening–for a half hour of online activities.   I split my time between Luminosity ( and Duolingo (

Luminosity is a subscription-based site that is designed to improve brain skills related to memory, attention, speed, flexibility, and problem solving through a series of games.  Since my grey cells have long been in need of some exercise I’m giving this a try–the cost was $10 for the month. Of course the cost is much lower if you sign up for a year’s worth of training but rather than JOIN THE GYM and not use the facilities I’m going a month at a time for right now.  According to the site my “BPI” (Brain Performance Index) has gone up 149 points in the past four weeks–practically speaking I’m not sure what this means but there’s a nice graph that changes daily and makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something and today the site announced that “your best brain areas are flexibility and memory.”  So, in the words of Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) from Caddy Shack “I got that going for me.”

Duolingo, now Duolingo is a program that makes my heart sing.  This is a terrific free online language learning program.  Did I mention that it’s FREE.  I’ve been working on my Italian using their Beta Italian version.  The user interface is a cinch to learn.  There’s a mobile application that’s even more fun than the regular version and Duolingo users are helping to translate the web as they work using crowd-sourced text translation.  Did I mention that it’s FREE.  Duolingo is perfect for people (like me) who have any number of partially completed workbooks and/or language cds that have never been removed from their immaculate plastic sleeves.

I’d write more but I’m just a few short points away from reaching Level 5.

Finché incontriamo di nuovo, sono il suo amico, Holly


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