Horizon Report>2012 Museum Edition

Hot off the “press” the Horizon Report>2012 Museum Edition is available today.  There is a terrific little 3 minute video–for friends and colleagues who prefer a quick video introduction to the information)–and the press relief.  You can download a pdf of the full report.

Had great crowd at the MIDEA Connect webinar launching the report today (January 16, 2013).  The audience was pretty evenly split between technologists and educators and the conversation was lively.  Thanks to all the advisory board members who came and stayed and played too.

For those of you who missed the webinar here’s a recap of some of the important bits from the this years report.

Key Trends

  • The abundance of resources and relationships made easily accessible via the Internet is increasingly challenging us to revisit our roles as educators.
  • Increasingly, visitors and staff expect a seamless experience across devices.
  • More and more, people expect to be able to work, learn, study, and connect with their social networks wherever and whenever they want.
  • Collection-related rich media are becoming increasingly valuable assets in digital interpretation.
  • Cross-institution collaboration is growing as an important way to share resources.

Key Challenges

  • A comprehensive digital strategy has become a critically important part of planning for long-term institutional sustainability.
  • Funding for technology projects, even those for interpretation and exhibition, continues to fall outside core operational budgets.
  • Museum educators do not have the training, resources or support to address the technological opportunities and challenges they face.
  • Boards of Trustees and executive management too often do not recognize the importance of technology in generating financial or mission return on investment.
  • Content production has failed to keep up with technology in an era when audiences expect to consume information whenever and wherever they want.


A Comparison of NMC Horizon Report Shortlists 2012 Editions

And the six technologies to watch as identified in this year’s report are:


  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Media


  • Augmented Reality
  • Open Content


  • The Internet of Things
  • Natural User Interfaces

Now stop reading this blog and go download and read the the full report.

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