Summer….come back…I’m not ready….


With my son in Ravenna, Italy walking towards Dante’s tomb early summer 2012


“Rodents!”  That’s what Simon Brett’s dimwitted character Blotto says when he’s upset about something.  And Rodents! exactly captures how I feel this afternoon.  Tomorrow my teaching duties begin at CWRU, and a week later it’s time to gear up for online classes at JHU and that means, whether I like it or not, Summer 2012 is officially a wrap.   It’s no good whining about all reading I didn’t get done, the blogs I didn’t blog, and the yard work that is only partially finished.  Summer 2012 is done.  Stick a fork in it!

Gone are those lazy, hazy, hot days that seem to stretch forever so what’s the hurry to get things done.


San Fransisco de Asis Mission Church, Taos, New Mexico


“Tomorrow I could write a blog about why the architecture of the San Francisco de Asis Mission Church in Taos, NM remains such a compelling subject for artists and photographers.”





"Sewing in the Machine Age" at SFO

“Tomorrow I should write a blog about how much I love flying into SFO because the museum displays are so consistently terrific.  I won’t go quite so far as to argue that the San Francisco Airport is my favorite museum in the Bay Area…but there are times when that statement is true.  I loved this summer’s Sewing in the Machine Age






HP New Media Gallery, Newseum



“Tomorrow I really must write a blog about the Newseum’s new HP New Media Gallery. Had a simply splendid time touring the new gallery, and visiting the rest of this deeply satisfying museum.  Can’t remember when I’ve spent such a rewarding afternoon–energized, engaged, entertained, deeply moved, and thoughtful.”




Niagara Here


“Tomorrow I’ve just got to write a blog about the Niagara Here project, a network of site specific works of art created so visitors to the Niagara, Ontario region can access them via smartphones.   And in doing so I must do a shout out to Carrie Perrault my favorite Canadian artist.”



“Tomorrow I really do have to go back to work!”





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