Everything But the Kitchen Sink

My Kitchen Sink

Hi my name is Holly Witchey and I’m a terrible housekeeper.

But it all balances out because I love my work and am having a terrific time this semester.  Like all of you I’m balancing a lot.  Teaching two of my favorite classes (Ethics at JHU, and Museum Studies at CWRU), prepping a new class for this Spring (Text and Context in Fifteenth Century Florence), transcribing a set of travel journals from 1871, working with MIDEA colleagues and a terrific advisory board on the 2011 Horizon Report >Museum Edition (launching at MCN Atlanta in just a few days now), and participating in National Novel Writing Month _ NaNoWriMo (http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/dashboard).

I’m having a blast discovering new online resources for my work.  Just a few of the things I like right now are:

Ethisphere: http://ethisphere.com/

If you are interested in ethics issues they have a great daily online newsletter that I’ve mentioned here before.

The Blog at the Center for the Future of Museums  (http://www.futureofmuseums.org/thinking/blog.cfm/)

Anything that Clifford Lynch at CNI says or does: http://www.cni.org/about-cni/staff/clifford-a-lynch/talks-interviews/

The Nines Community  (http://www.nines.org/) – A Center for Nineteenth Century Research

Columbia’s Digital Scriptorium http://www.scriptorium.columbia.edu/

But this morning I have a new favorite site to visit.

As I said at the top of this blog:

My name is Holly Witchey and I’m a terrible housekeeper.

If you are like me, over extended, and busy, and productive, and mostly (but not always) happy with your life, it’s probably because some part of your life is not in balance.   Concentrating too much on family or social life means that you might fall behind on work (paid work) or routine chores (housework, renewing passports, paying bill etc).  If you are spending too much time at work or on work (paid work) you might notice a grumpy spouse or kids, or piles of laundry and stuff appearing on all the empty surfaces of your house, and find yourself asking the question, “when was the last time I remember mopping the kitchen floor?”   If you are spending too much time cooking, and cleaning, and reviewing email and Facebook, it might mean that you are neglecting family and work for the trivia of life.   Do you recognize yourself in one of those scenarios?

Hi my name is Holly Witchey and I’m a terrible housekeeper.

This morning I was reviewing an email from a fellow NaNoWriMo participant who mentioned she used FlyLady (http://flylady.net/) to keep her housework under control.

Have I mentioned I’m a terrible housekeeper?

Well, I went to FlyLady and here, straight from the Fly Lady web site is the first task for new members to do (task one is signing up–it’s free):

Shine your sink – this is your first task as a FlyBaby, and also the foundation of FlyLady. It all begins with a shiny sink.

So, this morning after I’d finished my 2250 words for NaNoMA, and before I started grading papers, I cleaned my sink–and it’s not as easy and you might think.  The FlyLady’s sink cleaning process has 12 steps to it (13 if you polish it with lemon/olive oil afterwards).

You know what?  I did it.  It looks terrific.  I feel great and today I’m choosing to use the as a positive metaphor for life.  You know the old aphorism: “Everything but the kitchen sink? (http://www.meghan-mccarthy.com/articles_sayings.html)

Today I’ve got everything AND my kitchen sink!

My name is Holly and with the help of my friend Google, and some hard work on my part, I’m going to be a good teacher, an effective researcher, and a better blogger.  And today, maybe just today, but today I am not a terrible housekeeper.

The sun is shining and so is my sink.



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