2011 Horizon Report>Museum Edition

T-minus 1 hour and counting until the 2011 Horizon Report>Museum Edition is officially launched at the annual Museum Computer Network Conference (MCN) here in Atlanta Georgia.  I find  myself occasionally looking up and glancing out the window of my room on the fifteenth floor of the hotel.- The sky is a perfect robin’s egg blue and I can’t help humming a little hum asIt’s a lovely sunshiny day–a perfect day for a launch and rather then reviewing my notes one more time before the plenary session, or biting my fingernails, I thought I’d blog a little about new report.

It’s a new year (in Horizon Report terms) and that means six new technologies to explore.  Here they are:

Time-To-Adoption Horizon:  One Year or Less

>Mobile Apps

>Tablet Computing

Time -to-Adoption Horizon:  Two to Three Years

>Augmented Reality

>Electronic Publishing

Time-to-Adoption Horizon: Four to Five Years

>Digital Preservation

>Smart Objects

This year’s multi-talented (and multi-national) Advisory Board have done a splendid job in winnowing the wheat from the chaff and if you are wondering how we get to the final choices you can check out the project wiki.  The wiki includes every bit of discussion from the beginning to the very end of the process and you’ll find links to lots of useful resources as well.    I hope, though, that you’ll download the report and take time to explore all the terrific projects that are included.  Museums are doing astonishing work and there are some delightful surprises in the report–more on those coming up in the weeks ahead.

Meanwhile it is now T-minus 55 minutes and counting and if you are wondering about my rocket launch theme today it’s because I’m so excited about this hot-off-the-press publication.   I feel exactly like I used to in my childhood when, gathered with my family around the television set, we’d wait deliciously anxious for those magic words from NASA’s Mission Control:  “Lift off. We have a lift off.”

Gotta jet now.  With apologies to Mission Commander Neil Armstrong, I have to join the delegates here as together we take this year’s leap for museumkind.



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