Horizon Report Museum Edition

The Process Begins

The process through which the 2011 Horizon Report: Museum Edition will be created was kicked off last week.  The advisory board is on board and they are currently gearing up to the major work of the report–the four research questions, and subsequent ranking of technologies–by familiarizing themselves with recent news via the press clipping pages on the wiki for the Horizon Report: Museum Edition.

While I enjoy all the bits that go into the creation of the report, I confess that this opening two weeks is a favorite time.  I find I seldom allow myself the regular freedom simply to take the time to read and digest the news in my field.   I usually vacillate from one extreme to another.   Either saving all the article and clippings I want to read for my vacation, or making a resolution to read at least two articles a day for 3 months, six months, or a year.  But for these blissful two weeks a year it is my job just to read articles that are exciting, boring, energizing, ridiculous, intelligent, esoteric, and fun.

Our watchword here at Horizon.museum is transparency so you can follow our work and any discussions that might interest you.  The press clippings are available 24/7 for anyone to peruse. During these doggy-dog days of summer don’t you deserve a couple of hours to lounge with a glass of ice-cold lemonade in hand and read a few articles that interest you?  Or maybe you’d like to review the current list of Horizon topics.  What topics would you put on your short list as the most important for museums?  I’d love to know.  If you know of a great article that ought to be included in our press clippings, pass that along too please.

While only the advisory board edits the actual report wiki, you can always post your observations and thoughts about the process here.   And you know what?  I’m lounging here, with an ice-cold glass of lemonade in my hand, and I’m listening.



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  1. Holly, I’m really enjoying the Advisory Board so far. This is my first experience with it, and I am learning so much! I also am very excited at just having the time (and a dedicated excuse!) to indulging in so much museum-based research and knowledge. I’m excited to see the end result!

  2. Holly Witchey Holly Witchey says:

    Dear Adrienne,

    Glad you are having a good time. I love the process too and the next part is so exciting–what will the finalists b?

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