Universal Tablet Holder Enhances Docent Tours

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Everywhere we look, new and innovative uses for tablets are emerging. As evidenced at the 2011 MIDEA workshop > iPads in the Museum, museums are capitalizing on this technology by bringing an enhanced, interactive experience to visitors. More and more, tablets are being used as hands-on information kiosks or are carried around by docents for guided scripts and on-the-spot answers to inquiries.

When implementing any new technology, the adoption can be shaky. While tablets are lightweight and mobile, they can also become cumbersome — especially when carried on a docent tour for an extended period of time. Many people don’t realize just how much physical exertion goes into working at a museum!

Enter a nifty little product for the museum community called the Hand-e-holder. The brainchild of inventor Mike Burns, the Hand-e-holder was created to alleviate the most apparent challenge with the iPad: It’s hard to hold. The Hand-e-holder is a universal tablet holder that can be used to make any tablet comfortable and secure for long-term use, which means — rejoice! — when the iPad 3 comes out, the Hand-e-holder won’t be obsolete

In addition to offering relief to docents carting around tablets all day, the Hand-e-holder swivels the tablet to display the interactive content at any angle. More agility for museum professionals means a smoother transition for integrating tablets. “When I first bought an iPad I almost dropped it five minutes after having it out of the box,” remembers Burns. “The first prototype of the Hand-e-holder was created 30 minutes later. It’s simple, comfortable and offers 360° rotation.”

Since its conception in 2010, the Hand-e-holder has become the flagship product of an entire line of coordinating hands-free tablet stands, clamps, and wall mounts. There’s even a leg strap extension so you can securely fasten your tablet to your leg while seated. The company is also dedicated to a Made in the USA manufacturing policy. “We believe strongly in keeping local American companies busy and working,” said Burns. “It’s our way of helping to build back the American economy.”

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For more information on the Hand-e-holder, visit www.handeholder.com or watch the video tutorial below.

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