iPads in the Museum

Since the iPad’s release in April 2010, creative museum professionals from around the world have been developing iPad apps as a teaching tool, a platform for displaying art work, and even a digital tour guide. We’ve profiled three apps that work with science, art, and historical museum content for the iPad.

One such app launched by the American Museum of Natural History is DINOSAURS iPAD: The American Museum of Natural History Collections. Although the app does not yet profile all 36 of the museum’s dinosuars on collection, it does feature a healthy start with chapters on the Allosaurus, Anatotitan, Apatosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Protoceratops, Stegosaurus, and Styracosaurus.

Each profile takes a closer look at the discovery of each with informative content and a social networking tool to participate in a global discussion about the American Museum of Natural History’s collection. Visit the iTunes Store to pick up DINOSAURS: iPAD for $2.99, with all proceeds directly benefiting the Museum.

The Museum of Modern Art has also released an iPad app called AB EX NY in conjunction with the Abstract Expressionist New York exhibit running until April 25.

The app features images of 60 of the exhibit’s works and a map that allows users to locate geographically specific historic Abstract Expressionism locations. The app also includes a dictionary of Abstract Expressionism technical terms and video interviews with artists and curators involved in the movement. AB EX NY is free in the iTunes store.

Although the September 11 Memorial & Museum will not open until later this year, the museum app called Explore 9/11 is already available from the iTunes store. The app uses alternative reality, a walking tour, images, video, and narration to bring to life the experiences of Details of rescue workers, volunteers and bystanders of the 9/11 tragedy. The app also offers a preview of what is to come when the museum opens. Explore 9/11 for the iPad is available free in the iTunes store.

DINOSAURS iPAD, AB EX NY, and Explore 9/11 all seek to provide an engaging learning experience that enrich the personal element of existing or future exhibitions and collections. iPad apps are again and again proving unique ways to enhance a range of content; from science to art to history, by adding another layer of digital richness to your favorite device. These apps create parallel exhibits all to their own that curators actually want you to touch.

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