Read, Comment, and Translate the 2010 Horizon Report

The 2010 Horizon Report: Museum Edition was published in PDF format in November 2010, and we now have a version of it on the web in a special format meant for discussion.

As we do with other editions of the Horizon Reports, these are published on an NMC WordPress site (, meaning you can directly link to topics of interest, say Augmented Reality or Gesture-Based Computing.

Using a special add-on tool,, beyond the normal blog feature of commenting on an entire section of writing, these versions allow visitors to attach comments to individual paragraphs. As toy are reading, for example, the paragraph about QR codes under Augmented Reality, if you click the small comment bubble icon next to the paragraph, you can post your response to just that content:

In addition, we have added Google Translation to this (and all other web-based Horizon Reports), meaning this report can be translated to more than 50 different languages. If I wanted to see the 2010 Museum Report in Czech, I just select the language from the menu in the top right.

And there I can now read this section in my desired language:

Lastly, there is one more new feature- with the Anthologize plugin for our WordPress site, we are able to explort the web version into the ePub format, which can be then used on eReaders such as the iPad (we are still working on other formats):

Please take a look at the new web version of the 2010 Horizon Report: Museum Edition and post your comments.

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