MIDEA Launches Social Media Roundups

In conjunction with our upcoming webinar, MIDEA Presents: How Networked Nonprofits Use Facebook featuring social media expert Beth Kanter, MIDEA is kicking off the fall with a new initiative called Social Media Roundups.

(cc licensed flickr photo shared by Bill Gracey)

Social Media Roundups are our way to practice using social networking tools to support interesting conversations about digital media and art museums. Many MIDEA members are already engaged in these tools (and we use them all here at the NMC). However, we want to encourage sharing within our MIDEA community. Each month we will kick off a new topic for a Roundup and invite you to respond using a social media tool or tools.

As a followup to the June 2010 MIDEA workshop and next week’s webinar, we will launch our first Social Media Roundup with a discussion about social media and museums. We anticipate the next few topics to be ones that emerge from the soon-to-be-released 2010 Horizon Report: Museum Edition.

To participate in the September Roundup, pick one or more of these options:

Join the Social Media Roundup via Facebook

  • Become a fan of the MIDEA Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/MarcusInstitute
  • Share a note on our wall about a social media activity your organization is running now or planning to do. Share a link if you have something in motion.
  • Add comments to other people’s posts, and “Like” the ideas that appeal to you the most.
  • Every blog post, project, and organization on the MIDEA website can now be “Liked” on Facebook with a single click. Explore the MIDEA website, and share back what you like.

Join the Social Media Roundup via Twitter

  • Do you have a question for Beth Kanter about webinar? Tweet it to @kanter and include our twitter hashtag: #midea
  • Share a link to a compelling example of a museum use of social media (don’t forget to include our twitter hashtag: #midea).
  • Monitor and respond to messages by checking the Twitter search (http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23midea), or use a Twitter client like TweetDeck to save a search on the #midea tag.
  • You can now tweet any blog post, project, and organization directly from the MIDEA web site with a single click. Share something from MIDEA with your own network.

Join the Social Media Roundup via Delicious

  • Share an article, blog post, or reference to social media and museums by tagging it “midea” in delicious.com
  • Tag an interesting new social media tool you have been exploring (use the “midea” tag).
  • Review items tagged by others http://www.delicious.com/tag/midea – add more tags, or comment on them via Twitter or Facebook.

We will be following the responses, posing new questions, and helping to keep the conversation going- you can see the latest content from all three of our Roundup Tools on the MIDEA Social Media page. We are also keeping an eye out for your posts about special news and projects to feature as spotlights on the MIDEA website, and we’ll of course report back to the community about what we find.

Look for our prompts in the next few days on Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere — and then jump in and respond! If you need any help through any of this process, please let us know. Join us on the MIDEA Social Media Roundup!

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Alpha Female Photographer

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