MIDEA Museums Speak: Results of the Social Networking Survey

In anticipation of the MIDEA meeting, Maximizing the Returns of Social Networking for Your Museum, we surveyed the MIDEA members to gauge their participation and comfort with social networking and social media tools.  The results are in and they are interesting.  Honestly, I knew that many of the MIDEA museums were using these tools; the MIDEA community is defined by an interest in technology.  However, the extent to which the museums are participating and the sophistication with which they are experimenting is what surprised me.

Highlights from the survey results are below.  You may view the entire survey results by clicking here.

89% of MIDEA members use Facebook and 64% use twitter.  This is fantastic!  Flickr is a close follower at 42%.  The 6 % of museums that don’t use any social networking tools may want to show these statistics to their directors and try a pilot project to see what social media has to offer their institutions. “Other” responses to this question included Artbabble, UStream, Constant Contact, Picassa, MySpace, Friend Feed, Yelp, and Vimeo.

For those Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr users, they are not only using the tools, but they are engaging with them often.  25% of MIDEA institutions have daily usage of their social networking sites.  80% post once a week or more.  This is exactly what we all should be working towards, as the social networking tools are only valuable if there is a constant flow of fresh, interesting content.

Although MIDEA members have voiced their familiarity with social networking tools, there is always more to learn.

It appears that MIDEA members want to learn about many aspects of social networking, however, “extending or connecting more closely with your museum’s audience” is most sought.  Maybe we will learn a bit about this topic at the upcoming webinar with Beth Kanter on September 7th.

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